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HAIKU are immensely popular.  Maybe their brevity and spontaneity suit the modern fast-paced age, while still sparking reflection on the nature of our reality, and encouraging us to feel the Here and Now.


Here is Philippe Forest: "The Haiku is not the expression of any kind of wisdom, merely a very light incision made in the fabric of time, a clear, tiny caesura through which the spiral of a vertiginous opening onto nothing can be glimpsed, precipitating the passage of the present and suspending it on the infinitesimal pinpoint of a single instant."


HAIGA are based on the same idea, but combine pictures with the words.  Not speaking Japanese, I do not try to follow all the rules of haiku, but write simply in English as the moments happen, and without later editing as far as I can.   Photos or Zen-like sketches combine with the poem to give more enjoyment and help convey the instant.

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